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We are a tax consultancy, commercial and corporate law, accounting service, economics and law.
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About us

Trust our professionalism and innovative approach.

Our clients can count on correct and professional business partnership and services, complying with legal norms and provided in a convenient form.

We have modern equipment and software, which increases the efficiency of the services. We attract customers, through work done in good faith. We take full responsibility for our work, we help save time, nerves and money and solving all financial problems.

What we offer


  • Preparation of the company's accounting policy and preparation of an individual chart of accounts
  • Preparation and registration of the company for VAT
  • Monthly preparation of purchase and sales diaries and the VAT declaration reference and their submission electronically
  • Consultations on accounting issues
  • Compilation of monthly and annual turnover statements
  • Compilation of annual accounting reports
  • Preparation and submission of reports-declarations, VAT diaries, protocols, VIES Declaration, Intrastat
  • Preparation of the necessary documents and references for performed inspections and revisions, relating to periods, during which the Office was responsible for the Trustee's accounting services
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