Complete accounting service
  • Preparation of the company’s accounting policy and preparing an individual account
  • Preparation and registration the company for VAT
  • Monthly preparation of the records of purchases and sales and the reference statement for VAT and submitting then electronically
  • Consultation on accounting issues
  • Preparation of monthly and yearly trial balances
  • Preparing of annual accounting reports
  • Preparation and submission of VAT returns, Vat logs, protocols, VIES declarations, Intrastat
  • Preparation of the necessary documents and references to inspections and audits relating periods in which the company was responsible for the accounting services of the client.

Labor, wages and Personnel
  • Preparation of all documents in relation with the hiring of a new employee
  • Preparation of contracts, additional agreements, orders to leave, penalties and termination of employment relationships
  • Registration of conclusion, amendment and termination of the employment contracts electronically in NRA
  • Preparation of payroll and pay slips, summary of social security contributions and taxes on the insured persons (D1), information about outstanding contributions (E6) and submitting them electronically to the NRA
  • Creation of orders for the obligations of the Trustee to the budget
  • Accepts, classifies, processes the transmitted sick leave certificates and creates descriptions and covering letters for NSSI
  • Issuance of official notes for contribution period and employee benefits to the Trustee which will serve at NSSI, Labor Bureau, National Revenue Agency for Social Assistance and other budget agencies. The issue of the documents is done within the statutory period after the deposit of a written request from the Trustee
  • Issuing and validation of personnel employment records to the Trustee’s company
  • Consultations on employment law and insurance case studies

  • Determination of the taxes on the current taxation laws
  • Completion and submission of tax declarations
  • Tax protection and representation, as well as reports required by the tax authorities concerning inspections and audits
  • Tax advisory

Juridical services
  • Company registration
  • Announcement of the statements in the Commercial register

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